Appraiser Continuing Education - September 30 2019

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Complete Your Illinois Real Estate Appraisal Continuing Education Courses from the Comfort of Your Office or Home!


Our Illinois appraisal continuing education courses have everything you need to satisfy your appraisal continuing education requirement from the comfort of your home or office!


Each course is divided into lessons that take about 20-30 minutes on average. Each lesson consists of text with multiple choice questions mixed in. The text is presented in small, easy-to-understand sentences or paragraphs at a time. After a few screens of text, you will answer a few questions about what you have read. As you progress through the lesson, the learning process keeps track of how you are doing on the questions. 


After all the text is presented, the computer will go back to the questions you missed or had problems with and review them in random order. You will keep working on the lesson until you have answered all the questions correctly on two occasions. At that point, the lesson will be marked as complete on the main menu.


You can quit a lesson at any time and a bookmark will save your place, so you do not have to repeat work you have already done when you return to a lesson. No finals are needed except for the USPAP 2019-20 Update Course"

The following Continuing Education courses may be taken for your September 30, 2019 Renewal Cycle.

2019-20 USPAP 7 hr Update Course  7 Hrs. $199.00                 

This course must be completed by all Illinios Appraisers no later than June 30 2018. It describes the changes made to the USPAP document for 2018-19. Issues commonly found in appraisal practice are addressed in multi-media scenarios that answer appraisers' frequently asked questions.   The course has all you need including an electronic version of the 2018-2019 USPAP Manual. Students will take a short online final exam and need a 72% to pass, but may retake if they fail.

Basic Construction Review  7 Hrs  $119.00 The Basic Construction Refresher course is designed for real estate agents and appraisers to review fundamental construction methods, both old and new, in residential real estate. The course covers construction from site preparation through completion. Major components of a house are identified including building materials and mechanical systems. Further, the course reveals “red flags” that are discernible to agents and appraisers when inspecting a home for a listing, sale, or valuation. Finally, the course describes how physical and functional issues in houses affect value.

Better Safe Than Sorry   7 Hrs  $119.00 


In recent years, the appraisal industry has come under scrutiny. The financial crisis of 2008 and the housing-bubble-burst led to industry changes and reforms, including the Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC), the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, and the Uniform Appraisal Dataset (UAD). How did these changes affect appraisers, reviewers and the industry as a whole? Were they welcome? Were they effective? Better to be Safe Than Sorry will explore those questions as well as delve into the role of the reviewer, the obligations of the appraiser, relevant USPAP regulations, common errors appraisers can avoid, and the importance of structured report writing.



FHA / VA Appraising 7 hrs.   $119.00


In recent years, the FHA and VA have been amending their inspecting and reporting requiraggressively reducing red tape, and raising awareness of their programs. For residential real property appraisers, this translates into opportunities in a growing and changing market segment. Real property appraising for the purpose of FHA and VA mortgage loans can provide the residential appraiser with a valuable and additional profit center. This course addresses the requirements both for becoming an FHA Roster Appraiser and a VA Fee Panel Appraiser.


FHA and VA Today focuses on the most current FHA appraisal requirements—including inspection and reporting requirements, along with resources for continuing updates on the program. Real property appraising is ever changing and requires the appraiser to be proactive and aware of the changing requirements. In the case of FHA lending, the program has undergone recent changes that significantly affect FHA appraisal procedures, including changes acknowledging the growing trend in green building. Some regulations have been eliminated to create a more effective appraising procedure.


Prospective as well as current FHA Roster Appraisers will benefit from the course’s detailed review of FHA property and appraisal requirements. VA Fee Panel Appraisers can ensure their present practices in performing valuation services meet the expectation of VA protocol. General conduct and business practices are also discussed.



Green In Residences and Appraisal 7 hrs $119.00


Green construction, green energy, and green living are key topics about the environment for everyone today. For real estate agents and appraisers, the first step is to understand basics about green as it applies to real estate. A home is made up of many different systems and real estate professionals need to understand how they work together and independently to make a home more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.


In this course on the appraisal of green residences, we will study the basic concepts about green as it applies to real estate and the appraisal of property value, primarily regarding residential property. We will review the elements of green materials and techniques, as well as relevant property characteristics that affect value. We will also cover what to look for when inspecting the interior and exterior of a home, including any related adjustments and the effect of green.


Methodology and Applications of Sales Comparison  7 Hrs. $119.00


This course is designed to provide the student with a comprehensive knowledge of the development and application of the sales comparison approach in residential appraisal assignments. The course begins with how the fundamental principles of valuation and appraisal standards apply to an assignment in which the sales comparison approach is relevant in the scope of work, and details the development steps in the appraisal process through reconciliation. As part of the progression, you will become acquainted with accepted methodology and techniques that can be applied in the assignment using the sales comparison approach. Included and emphasized, through numerous illustrations and application case studies, are choosing comparable data, derivation and application of adjustments for various elements, derivation and application of rates of capitalization, and the logic and rationale applied during reconciliation. Also included is a discussion about using the sales comparison approach in special situations


Defensible Appraising 7 Hrs. $119.00


In today’s world, appraisers must remain keenly aware of the quality standards expected by their clients as well as the compliance obligations required by appraiser regulators.


Many users of an appraiser’s services and appraiser regulatory agencies have expanded or amplified their quality standards as a result of recent events of financial turmoil involving valuation issues.


Defensible Appraising is an all-encompassing course designed to provide a comprehensive look at best practices for appraisers in order to recognize and meet those expectations. The course commences with discussion of various avenues, which could cause liability concerns for appraisers, including the appraisal review process. Common areas of deficiencies and inadequacies in the appraisal process are discussed as well. The remainder of the course takes a detailed look at compliance with USPAP, beginning with identification of the problem through the reporting process. This includes expanded illustrations of both acceptable and unacceptable practices.  



Property and Valuation Analysis for FHA  7 Hrs. $119.00


The popularity of FHA insured financing is arguably at an all-time high, and many certified appraisers are currently included, or seeking to be included, on the FHA appraiser roster. Because many real estate sales transactions are being financed with FHA insured financing, it is important and welcomed for real estate brokerage professionals to also stay well informed regarding FHA protocol. Effective September 14, 2015, most of the existing handbooks, mortgagee letters, and other references formally used by lenders, appraisers, and other real estate professionals will be superseded by a new, and more comprehensive Handbook titled: the FHA Single Family Housing Policy Handbook 4000.1. The FHA Single Family Housing Appraisal Report and Data Delivery Guide, a companion publication to the Handbook, will also go into effect September 14, 2105. This course will include direct excerpts and quotations of the Handbook, Guide, and other publications. The course will begin with FHA’s Minimum Property Requirements and Minimum Property Standards, and move into specific property applications and appraisal-related functions. Numerous best practices and illustrations will be included.