Appraisal Trainee License Program - 

Associate Real Estate Trainee Appraiser Course Requirements 


To become a real property appraiser, you must first become an Associate Real Estate Trainee Appraiser is subject to direct supervision by an appraiser who is certified in good standing, and may appraise those properties that his or her supervising appraiser is permitted to appraise. If you are a trainee looking for a supervising appraiser, the supervising appraiser must be either a Certified Residential or Certified General appraiser in good standing . The first step is to complete your 79 Hrs of course work by Classroom or On Line and the next step is to fill out the application for your state Appraisal Trainee  Licence ( see instructions towards the bottom of this page)


The IDFPR has established the minimum educational requirements for an appraisal license : 


At least 75 hours of appraisal education and training, 18 years , High School Graduate and 6 hr Supervisor/Trainee Course


On Line Courses

                                              Hours   Tuition

  • IL I    2018-19 National Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (On Line)   15 Hrs.  $299.00

  • IL 2   Basic Appraisal Principles (On Line) ( Course License                                                  30 Hrs.  $399.00

  • IL 3   Basic Appraisal Procedures  (On line ( Course License                                                30 Hrs.  $399.00 

  • National Supervisor/Trainee Course                                                                                        4Hrs.    $99.00                                                                                                                                                                        79 hr Package $899.00                                                                                                                                                                              (save 25% or $297.00)

About On line Courses


    Each Illinois Real Estate Appraisal License qualifying course is divided into self paced lessons that take about 20-30 minutes on the average. Each lesson consists of text with multiple choice questions mixed in. The text is presented one small, easy-to-understand sentence or paragraph at a time. After a few screens of text, you will answer a few questions about what you have read. As you progress through the lesson, the learning process keeps track of how you are doing on the questions. After all the text is presented, the computer will go back to the questions you missed or had problems with and review them in random order. You'll keep working on the lesson until you've answered all the questions correctly on two occasions. At that point, the lesson will be marked as complete on the main menu.


 You can quit a lesson at any time and a bookmark will save your place, so you don't have to repeat work you've already done when you return to a lesson. If you have any questions about these courses, please contact Technical Support at 1-866-455-3278.


Proctored Exams


    After you've finished all the lessons in the appraisal license course, our administrators schedule a convenient time and location for you to take your proctored final exam. The administrator will ship the exam materials for each course to the proctor who will administer the exam at a time when you and they find is convenient. The proctor will return the finished answer sheet to us for grading.  We will notify you of your passing and send you transcripts for the courses which you will need when applying for the  Appraisal Trainee License

Additional Requirements for the Appraisal Trainee License:


      Be at least 18 years old


      College-level requirements: A college degree is not required. Alternative educational requirements.


          Submit proof of course work in the form of an original sealed school transcript. Transcripts, for all curriculums, are valid indefinitely.


     The Appraisal Trainee State license exam is no longer required. Students just need to successfully complete their course work.


     Complete an appraisal license application which can be found at