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Certified Residential Courses cross approved for both CE and QE. 
        IL 4 Residential Market Analysis and Highest & Best Use      14    15     $375.00
  • IL 5 Residential Site Valuation and Cost Approach 14    15     $375.00
  • IL 6 Residential Sales Comparison and Income Approaches 28    30     $525.00
  • IL 7 Residential Report Writing and Case Studies    14    15      $375.00
  • IL 8 Advanced Residential Applications and Case Studies    14    15      $375.00
  • IL 9 Real Estate, Statistics, Modeling and Finance   14    15      $375.00
  • IL RE Mastering Unique and Complex Appraisals     18    20       $475.00
For students who wish credit for both QE and CE, they will need to take and pass the course final examinations. Students will then be given separate course transcripts for both CE and QE Credit.  Students who wish only CE credit will not have to take the course final exam.
2014-15 USPAP 7 hr Update Course  7 Hrs. $119.00                
This course must be completged by all Illinios Appraisers no later than June 30 2014. It describes the changes made to the USPAP document for 2014-2015. Issues commonly found in appraisal practice are addressed in multi-media scenarios that answer appraisers' frequently asked questions.   The course has all you need including the 2014-2015 USPAP Manual and the 2014-15 Studnet Update Manual. Students will not need to take a final exam in the class.
  2014-15 USPAP 7HR. Update Classrom Course  

  Dates                           Times        LocationsTuition
  TBA             8:30 -4:00pm                             $169.00 (with out book)
                                             * $94.00 ( with book)

                                                                                   * Students who chose this option msut bring a copy of the 2014-15 USAP 7 hr Ce Manual
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