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125-Hr Upgrade from Trainee to Certified Residential Appraiser  
   Package Includes:

    Market Analysis & Highest and Best Use                          15 Hrs $199.00

    Advanced Residential Applications and Case Studies      15 Hrs  #199.00

    Residential Report Writing & Case Studies                       15 Hrs $199.00 

    Residential Sales Comparison and Income Approaches   30 Hrs $399.00

    Residential Site Valuation and Cost Approach  Hours:      15 Hrs $199.00 

    Specialized Residential Appraisal Topics Hours:               20 Hrs $269.00

    Statistics, Modeling, and Finance  Hours:                         15 Hrs. $199.00
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 Additional Requirements for the Certified Residential Certification:

      Be at least 21 years old

      College-level requirements: Associate degree or higher. In lieu of the required degree or alternative educational requirements.

      Provide the state with a two-year Experience Log. LOG-APP – 1,500 hours of appraisal experience. Obtain the form at http://www.obre.state.il.us/realest/Forms/logapp.pdf 

      Submit proof of course work in the form of an original sealed school transcript. Transcripts, for all curriculums, are valid indefinitely.

     Take the Certified Residential Exam. For a copy of the Appraiser Candidate Handbook go to www.goamp.com. 

     Complete an appraisal application which can be found at www.goamp.com. 

125 Hr. Package  $1379.00
   (save 25% reg $1663.00)
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