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Using the HP 12 C Calculator

Explore the functions of the most essential tools for real estate and appraisal professionals—the HP 12c calculator. Regarded as the state of the art in the industry, you can master the HP 12c with minimal training. Using the HP 12c Calculator: The Basics addresses commonly used calculation functions that appraisers and real estate professionals perform in their day-to-day activities.

Key Features•Simple and combined arithmetic functions
•Chain calculations and prefix keys
•Data storage registers and percentage problems
•Time value of money functions
•Net present value and internal rate of return
 •Statistical calculations

Simple and Combined Arithmetic Functions, Chain Calculations and Prefix keys, Data Storage Registers and Percentage Problems, Time Value of Money Functions, Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Returns, Statistical Calculations

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AMP Appraisal Exam Prep Textbook

When you need an “edge” this  Instructor led course has prepared many Illinois appraisers for the appraisal exams. The course reviews all the major topics on the appraisal exams and includes test-taking tips, key terms, a topic outline, and end-of-chapter, application-style questions that mirror the exam.

Contents : •  Valuation Principles and Market Characteristics—Diagnostic Exam I • Legal Considerations—Diagnostic Exam II • Highest and Best Use and the Valuation Process—Diagnostic Exam III • The Sales Comparison Approach—Diagnostic Exam IV • Site Valuation and the Cost Approach—Diagnostic Exam V • The Income Approach—Diagnostic Exam VI•  and Appraisal Math. Complete Glossary of Terms

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The Language of Real Estate, 6th Edition & Pocket Guides

TheLanguage of Real Estate has every term that real estate profesionals need to know. The companion audio CDs and English and Spanish Pocket Guides offer other options for students to learn and practice the most important industry terms.

Textbook Contents : Subject Classifications of Terms • Terms and Definitions • Appendix A:
Organizations • Appendix B: Designations • Appendix C: Abbreviations of Terms • Appendix D: List of
Laws • Appendix E: English-Spanish Key Terms • Appendix F: Spanish-English Key Terms • Appendix G:
Construction Diagrams

Pocket Guide Contents : Terms and Definitions • Appendix A: Organizations • Appendix B:
Designations • Appendix C: Abbreviations • Appendix D: Construction Diagram

Audio CD 1 Contents : The Language of Agency and Brokerage • The Language of Property
Ownership and Transfer • The Language of Real Estate Law and Contracts • The Language of Deeds and

Audio CD 2 Contents : The Language of Titles, Land-Use Controls, and Legal Descriptions
• The Language of Finance and Federal Regulations • The Language of Appraising and Property

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The Language of Real Estate & Pocket Guides
Using the HP 12 C Calculator